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Published Author: Christina’s published works include her latest book,

“Shelter in Faith, A Remedy to the Epidemic of Hopelessness.”

She is also the author of “Perseverant Parenting, How to Boldy Face Life’s Challenges With Faith, Optimism, and Purpose.”

Christina is a Board Certified Professional Pastoral Counselor (BCPPC): Modern biblical counseling derives its basic orientation and authority, first and foremost, from the Bible as the Word of God, which is the primary source of all wisdom and Christian spiritual formation; and secondly, from a balanced utilization of contemporary mental health concepts, the behavioral sciences, and sound counseling practice. Furthermore, implementing a care plan and striving towards the prevention of mental/emotional/character disorders, are aligned with the goal of moving toward Christian maturity and wellness. Our ministry is faith-based biblical counseling which builds upon biblical truth and spiritual practice, along with the relevant theoretical and practical contributions of various mental health traditions to help produce Christ-like character, behavior, and contentment in the lives of the people and systems that are served.

Christina is a Professional Brain Health Specialist (Through the Amen Clinics) Christina is honored to be a part of this network of professionals, as a certified, professional brain health specialist. Amen University is an online learning experience that offers access to content produced by Daniel G. Amen, MD, and carefully selected experts to provide information centered around brain health and wellness.  Brain health is critical to overall health and success in life, yet so many people live with brain problems or are at great risk for developing them in the future.  There is a real mind-body connection. Amen Clinics have the world’s largest SPECT brain imaging database related to behavior, collaboration with major universities and medical institutions has led to an extensive library of published scientific research that continues to grow. 

Christian Speaker: As a keynote and emcee, Christina is experienced in a wide variety of speaking venues, including arena events, conferences, multi-day retreats, weekend church services, audio, and visual recording projects, training events, and other special engagements.

Christina’s heart for serving families challenged by adversity is met with great compassion, comedy, and understanding.

In the face of challenging situations, families can grow closer to the Lord, as they engage in relationship building, develop problem-solving skills, and build resilience to stress due to life’s trials.

Founder & Director of OpenDoor Counseling: A 501(c)3 Non-profit in Burleson, TX

What People Say

Christina’s heart for families is evident in her teaching and writing.

Kay Baker

Once you hear Christina speak, you realize she has the gift of encouragement.

Randy Strong

It is rare to find someone with a sincere heart and who genuine cares for others well being. Christina encapsulates the heart of Jesus in all she does.

Tiffany Lindsey