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Psalm 103 Proclamation

Psalms 103! Wow what an amazing word to start off a new year! As you read every single word of this chapter know the Lord provides, forgives, and blesses. ¬†Know that He models goodness and He is goodness, He is compassionate, and will transform you through His grace, forgiveness, selfless sacrifice and mercy. Live out…

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Finding Your tribe & Finding Yourself, by Christina Calk

Parents who are raising children with special needs, including those with physical, learning or emotional challenges, may find themselves feeling overwhelmed. The importance of pairing up with other families who are facing the same difficulties cannot be understated. No one understands the stressors better than someone who is going through the same or similar experiences….


Untold Stories Unfold Into Beautiful Testimonies

I was an unwanted, unexpected pregnancy and also an innocent baby who many told my birth mom that I should be aborted. However, God had another “untold” plan. I was not a mistake, in fact, Gods plan for the child carried within my mother’s womb had a plan for my life greater than the sin…

Finding a Miracle in the Hard Places

I love Biblical stories¬†about Jesus, especially when there is a miracle. Even as a young child, I was drawn to accounts regarding the profound miracles Jesus performed. In Mark chapter 5, a woman presses her way through a crowd just to get a glimpse of Jesus. Out of faith she touches his clothing and immediately…

DFW Child Magazine, article by Christina Calk

DFW Child Magazine, article by Christina Calk

DFW Child Magazine, Article by Christina Calk Parents certainly go through their share of tough times, such as illness, financial issues and other stressors. Dads and moms often lose perspective on how to encourage their children, especially when they themselves feel overwhelmed or deeply discouraged. With that said, it is completely normal for a parent…