Shelter in Faith

In a world where distance forces people to monitor and adjust their social behavior, faith is withstanding as a remedy. Faith is an essential part of Christianity. Through faith, we discover that the power of Jesus is essential in the critical intervention process of hopelessness. Faith is not only contagious, but it’s also widespread among active believers. The mandate of the Lord is to live out faith as a bold witness while casting fear aside. What an honor it is to enthusiastically proclaim that Jesus is the remedy for the epidemic of hopelessness.

Perseverant Parenting

Boldly Face Unexpected Life Challenges With Faith Optimism and Purpose

By Christina R. Calk               Foreword Troy Brewer

This book was written to inspire parents to flourish, even in the course of the devastating hardships or tragedies which can occur in life. Each chapter is filled with scripture, quotes, and real-life illustrations designed to encourage families.

God knows the trials of your past, the trials this day may bring as well as the trials yet to come. Rest assured that he has plans to grow you and strengthen you; prepare to be a willing participant, and let him. As you read through each chapter, joyfully anticipate inspiration, purposeful and intentional growth as a parent. Even in the depths of adversity, I pray that you will boldly seek God’s amazing power, wisdom, and direction as you strive to become a parent who is positively affected by the Lord. After all, God’s power is not in simply knowing him or reading his word. His power lies within the next step you take for him and because of him. As you pursue God’s loving direction through prayer and scripture, ask the Lord to free you from the grips of turmoil as well as any lingering grief or disparity.

Rejoice daily in the provision of hope that only he can provide; you can move boundlessly through difficult seasons, asking for his wisdom, protection, healing, and fullness of strength to envelope you and your family. Not only can you parent well and thrive during challenging seasons, but you can also boldly face unexpected life challenges with faith, optimism, and purpose. There is great joy in knowing that you can triumph through the most challenging seasons of life and emerge as a faith-filled, positive, resilient parent.

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Perseverant Parenting: Boldly Face Unexpected Life Challenges with Faith, Optimism, and Purpose 
by Christina R. Calk

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