There’s No Shame in Finding Freedom Course

Technology allows access to readily available information, which is often only one click away. However, the enemy has used the same technology to provide a gateway to harmful information. These sites are developed by people, whose only agenda is to promote sexual immorality and pornography. These disturbing images are easily visible on the screens of devices meant for communication, work, or learning.

Christina Calk, Pastoral Counselor and founder of Open Door Counseling, is committed to assisting individuals and families in combating the devastation caused by exposure to pornography. In this 4 part series, Christina provides vital information on how to establish healthy boundaries when faced with temptation. Each section provides practical applications needed to prevent and overcome sexual addiction. You can walk in the power of God’s word and experience victory in the very area the enemy aspires to use against you. There is no shame in finding freedom.

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