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Walk in a Victorious Mindset

Life can certainly be difficult, however you do not have to identify yourself as a victim of life’s circumstances, challenges, diagnosis’ or finances. Instead choose to walk in a victorious mindset by claiming these things: • I am favored by God • I am a willing participant in goodness & mercy • I am courageous…

Community of Family

When raising kids, it takes a tribe of love, support, and encouragement to get through the milestones of parenting. Come together with someone close to you in your community who also has children. Celebrate the joyful moments and know they are a gift from The Lord. Also, do not neglect to pray for each other…

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Whatever your battle there is this certainty, it will end in defeat, but which type of defeat will you choose?

Whatever your battle there is this certainty it will end in defeat, but which type of defeat will you choose? Defeat can be placed into two categories: Defeat or the act of being defeated by something which has power over a person or object The act of Defeat or defeating something or someone, which in…


Get Up. Get Prayed Up. Advance.

Ever find yourself seemingly stuck in an endless funk? You feel as if you are held in a period of time where life seems to have dealt you a series of gloomy circumstances, in which your feet seem stuck in the drudgery of daily obligations. The sound of your heart pangs instead of beating, your…

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Finding Your tribe & Finding Yourself, by Christina Calk

Parents who are raising children with special needs, including those with physical, learning or emotional challenges, may find themselves feeling overwhelmed. The importance of pairing up with other families who are facing the same difficulties cannot be understated. No one understands the stressors better than someone who is going through the same or similar experiences….