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I love Biblical stories about Jesus, especially when there is a miracle.

Even as a young child, I was drawn to accounts regarding the profound miracles Jesus performed.

In Mark chapter 5, a woman presses her way through a crowd just to get a glimpse of Jesus. Out of faith she touches his clothing and immediately Jesus asks, “Who touched my garments?”

After discovering who it was, Jesus assured her.

Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering. 

What a miracle!

In a chaotic and frenzied setting, Jesus not only acknowledges the woman’s humility and faith, but instantly performs a miraculous healing in her body.

Discovering this story strongly impacted my faith. This gracious healing assured me that the nature of Jesus in itself is miraculous.

Every effort thrown at us by the enemy was meant to destroy us, yet God was doing a work within us that was much greater! Christina Calk

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He desires to bring complete wholeness and healing.

When our world feels chaotic and turbulent, following Jesus wherever he leads — willingly carrying out whatever He asks, and expectantly awaiting whatever miracle He desires to do in or through us — remains the same as when he healed a woman who simply touched his garment.

I have personally experienced miraculous healing through Jesus, yet in ways I never expected, through one overwhelming tragedy after another.

I suffered through a difficult and complicated pregnancy, and delivered premature twins at 32 weeks gestation. One of my babies did not survive.

Doctors told me that our surviving preemie daughter would likely not walk, see and may be deaf. She remained in the NICU for months struggling to survive, yet proved to be a fighter.

A few years later my husband was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. He suffered multiple injuries requiring over 27 corrective surgeries, numerous doctor’s visits, and years of recovery.

Not long after his accident I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I went through numerous rounds of invasive testing, procedures, and several cycles of immunosuppressive therapy.

Needless to say, we were anguished, languishing in strength and often felt hopeless.

There were two common threads that existed within each of our struggles. First, every battle we faced required extensive treatment, long stays in the intensive care unit and a fight to survive. We were individuals that the enemy wanted out of commission.

Second and most important, every battle was hard fought at the feet of Jesus.

We never wavered from calling out to the Lord asking, believing and claiming healing in Jesus name. Every effort thrown at us by the enemy was meant to destroy us, yet God was doing a work within us that was much greater!

We faced arduous circumstances and to this day still face battles, yet through Jesus we are victorious and more than conquerors!

Healing arrived in the complete physical healing of our daughter.

Healing came in the form of emotional and spiritual healing of my husband’s wounded spirit.

And in me, healing from hopelessness and restoration of joy is ever present as I minister to those who suffer.

Each of these are miracles through faith in Jesus.

Guest Blog Excerpt from Suzie Eller

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