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“There’s No Shame in Finding Freedom”- Sermon Series 1 of 8, with Christina (view the follow-up video sessions on course catalog tab)

On Thursday, August 26, join Christina as she brings part 2 of the series, “There’s No Shame in Finding Freedom.” I am excited to announce that an e-course will be offered, on August 26th. With your paid subscription to the e-course series, you and your family will have an opportunity to gather, in the privacy…

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When Faith and Mental Health Collide

How are you taking care of your mental health? God wants us to take care of our mind, just as much as He wants us to takes care of our body. After all the brain is the control center of the body. This means we must purposely set healthy things in place to ensure our…

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I’ve Had Enough

Lord, I’ve had enough!  I’ve had enough of the enemies tactics, and schemes.  I’ve had enough of illness showing up at the door step of households and businesses.  I’ve had enough of the lies introduced, promoted, accepted and multiplied in the name of politics and the good of humanity.  I’ve had enough of families allowing…

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Behind My Mask

Behind my mask. Many of you may know me as a person who smiles, encourages others and moves through life with a good outlook (most days). I’m posting pics of the newest mask; enduring yet another surgery (yesterday), in which I now have 2 bionic knees, so look out enemy, no stopping the plans God…

This Seats for You- Podcast Episode 4
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This Seats for You- Podcast Episode 4

In this episode of “This Seats For You,” I speak with my friend and special guest Peggy Harrington, about the Biblical aspects of Christian Life Coaching and ways we can grow in our relationship with God.