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“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!” (Psalm 143:10) This petition to God is very heartfelt. The author (David) wrote this verse as an appeal to God, asking Him to be taught how to be led by God as well as have a safe and ordered passage in which to be led. Why did he use the term, on level ground?” To be on level ground can be compared to land, such as a far reaching plain, with no valleys or crevices. Level ground would be peaceful and without obstacles to hinder the journey.

How can you teach your children to seek God’s will? First and foremost approach seeking God’s will as something modeled in your home through daily reading God’s word. Second, receive God’s word as truth and obediently seek to honor him in how you parent your child. As you carry out daily routines and chores find teachable moments where you can share the will of God in everyday life.

My family recently visited the gulf shores of Texas, as we walked along the beach I began collecting trash in a small bag I found on our path. As I picked up various items found along the beach I explained to my child that this world and everything in it belongs to God and that we should take care of his creation. The tide rolled in we noticed a green plastic wrapper in the water. Without missing a step she began towards the water to retrieve the item, she told me that the ocean also belonged to the animals, which God created, so we had to do our part to keep them healthy as well. My heart was full, knowing that I had taught her a simple lesson with a lifelong impact.

Our children are looking to us to lead them on level ground; we must do our part and know God’s will so that we can model it for our children. Their mindset and desires are deeply rooted in the culture in which we raise our children; they will likely never seek the will of God if it is not taught at home, it will simply seem unnatural and unimportant to them.

So pray the Psalm 143:10 prayer. Petition God’s will within your life and your home. Seek level ground and peaceable moments in which the Spirit of the Lord can move greatly within you and your children.

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  1. Very well written. I had Bible study once a week in our house. Also, I gave each child there own Proverbs. The oldest boy was Proverbs 27:2 because he loved boasting. You are so right, and today three out of four of my children worship the Lord, and I am still praying for the oldest daughter.

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