Family or individual trauma is remembered in the body on a cellular level as well as felt deeply in the spirit. The brain literally remembers (even if only subconsciously) and when physical stress or emotional triggers arise, a person responds in a fight, flight, or stay mode.Trauma can change many things about a person…how they think, feel, react to surroundings or people and even in their level of spirituality. Trauma sufferers perceive the world as detrimentally changed by the challenged and often horrible moments. When individuals believe their trauma is lessening and they are moving through life, maturing intellectually or physically, they are often subconsciously and emotionally stuck in those dark moments. Too often families are impacted and suffer, relationships are broken and hope seems lost for attaining or regaining happiness.
Here’s where hope steps into your struggle.
If you want to know more about how to find hope and healing from trauma; “Healing from Trauma” workshops ,seminars or public speaking events are available.

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