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Walk into every room and every environment being the most beautiful person in the room.

Do not let comparison steal your joy. Challenge yourself to stand in a room full of people, who you think “have” something you wish you had and thank God for how God made them!

Remember you are the only you God has ever created. What you see about yourself that’s “different,” is what sets you apart.

Celebrate those qualities and place the filter of gratitude on the areas where you see a flaw.

Do not let jealousy of how people appear, or what things, or gifts seem to divide you from others.

Celebrate your differences and see they are a beautiful collective of Gods creation.

Today is the day to glimpse into your heart, instead of the mirror, and truly see a creation beautifully and wonderfully made.

Joy is not found in your outward appearance, it’s found in your inward thoughts and how you carry the presence of the Lord with you everywhere you go.

Outward beauty is attractive to the world. Inward beauty is attractive to those who need to see the Lord in you.

How beautiful it is to The Lord that we each have the opportunity to carry our beauty and inward gifts with our head held high, then turn those wonderful gifts into actions and speech towards others.

There is so much freedom in truly loving what we see as God given beauty within in ourselves, but also in each other.

~Christina Calk~

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