Blended Families


Special guest post from Stephanie Rudd regarding blended families:

“When we got married, I honestly didn’t think about the struggles that would come up once we became a blended family. I knew God put us together for a reason! I loved this man, he loved my son, and I loved his daughter. Those were the facts that I focused on. Neither my husband nor I came from a divorced home as children, so it was natural that it wasn’t a concern, at first. Oh, boy! Was the enemy upset at us joining our families together! All things aside, we really have blended well! Our kids are only 4 months apart in age and were instant brother and sister. By instant brother and sister I mean they love each other one minute and can’t stand each other the next. One of the big challenges we face with the kids is that for a majority of the time they are each only children. Once a week and every other weekend they have to adjust to the fact that they are not only children anymore. Some weeks they adjust better than others, but it’s hard for them. Taking authority from a “bonus” parent has also been a challenge (we say bonus instead of step). We try to remain sympathetic because neither one of us knows the emotions that our kids experience being in a blended family. As hard as it is at times we make the choice to focus on God and all the good! When I feel discouraged I think of Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” The enemy does not want us to make it as a family! He thought he succeeded with divorce in our pasts. Little did he know that our God is greater and loves redemption! Our marriage is living proof of God’s redemption! So as hard as it may be at times, it’s not a battle of us and our own flesh, it’s supernatural. I remind myself how much the enemy wants us to not make it as a family and choose to push into the Lord even more! The closer we draw to our Heavenly Father, His Word, and prayer, the smoother things go. The more we as parents work on our relationship with God and our marriage, the better the kids seem to be. God is so good!! I know He has BIG plans for this beautifully blended family and we will not let the enemy get in the way of that!!”



So your tape stuck to your bubble wrap, again.
Your wifi isn’t working.
Someone got your parking space this morning.
Your coffee order was wrong today.
The kids were being too loud.
Your husband’s socks are beside the hamper or your wives work out bras are hanging on the shower door… repeatedly.
Grocery clerk taking too long.
It took three weeks or three months to get an appointment with your doctor.

Let’s face it; you are simply being inconvenienced around every turn.

I challenge you to consider this; perhaps inconveniences are all about perspective. So your tape stuck to your bubble wrap, again? Did you quit packing altogether? Of course not, you unraveled or started over again. This moment was actually significant, and it provided an opportunity to move into a new direction, a new home, a change that will lead to greater opportunity or possibility.

Your wifi isn’t working. Did you throw away all of your electronics? Umm hope not…if so, check that temper already. If you got up and found wifi somewhere else or called to problem solve, then “Wooo Hooo,” you are a go-getter. This problem was an excellent chance to find new solutions to a minor hic-up.

You say someone got your parking space this morning? Did you ram their car until they moved? Stop thinking, “No, but I thought about it!” By chance, in doing nothing, you may have blessed someone who had a flat tire and arrived late for a job interview that would help feed their family, or maybe they just don’t care that your name is on that space. Either way, SO WHAT, here’s a chance to stop making life all about convenience and get over it. Park somewhere else and move on.

Your coffee order was wrong today. Say it isn’t so! Did you yell at the barista or drink it anyway? Thought… you are blessed to be able to afford that rocket fuel, now’s the chance to remember the baristas usually make less an hour than your java costs. What a blessing would it be to them to tell them, “thank you for serving me,” just a thought?

The kids are being too loud. Whoa, okay this one is a toughy. Screaming kids can cause chaos in a home, am I right? But, it is a Beautiful Chaos in which families around the world pray for, yet they never conceive a child. Worse, some do conceive and throw the chaos out; after all, kids are an inconvenience, and those people had a life to live that didn’t include the disorder of a kid. What the what!?!? Join in the chaos of those noisy kids and sing a song louder than them, your presence alone is usually annoying enough to shut that chaos down, or you just might find yourselves giggling at the moment.

Your husband’s socks are beside the hamper, or your wives work out bras are hanging on the shower… repeatedly. Gross, those things wreak! Who cares, put on some hazmat rubber gloves and put those stinkers in the laundry. Someone attended a funeral today and would give anything to see those items again, along with the loved one of course. But I know, I know you were inconvenienced and it annoys you. GET OVER IT

Grocery clerk taking too long. No way, did you leave the store and starve that week? NO, oh okay I was worried for a moment…NOT. People hear me, there are real-world famines happening, in 2019! Take a deep breath, wait in line and next time buy the person’s food behind you, even if it’s only one item, turn an inconvenience into a blessing.

It took three weeks or three months to get an appointment with your doctor. You know where I am going with this one, don’t you? Be thankful for healthcare, even when you are inconvenienced, many people live in areas where there is no healthcare system in place, or it’s corrupt and unreliable. Next time you see your practitioner tell them you are blessed by them and thankful that they chose an often thankless job. The hours you will sit waiting, does not compare to the hour’s doctors put into training, serving, and pushing for excellence to ensure you get the best care.

So you say you were inconvenienced? Pray for a new perspective, it will make all the difference in how you respond.

A Seed Has The Potential To Break Through Any Barrier


A friend shared an image today of a tree which has grown through a huge rock.

I immediately thought of the quickly arriving new school year and those who would be planting seeds of instruction and education in young minds this fall.

The tree reminded me how teachers have significant opportunities to use words and influence which will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another life.


The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.  2 Corinthians 9:6


Whether you are a homeschool teacher, public educator, bible school teacher, college professor, a parent (FYI, you ARE a full-time teacher in Every Way) or an instructor/teacher of any kind remember this;


“A tiny seed of truth or wisdom might seem that it has fallen on inhospitable or unreachable ground, but have faith, once a seed has been planted it has the potential to break through any barrier” Christina Calk


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