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My husband Nick and I adopted our first daughter from India in November 2016. In November 2017, we started the process to adopt our second daughter. Little did we know that God had been weaving our sweet girl into our lives long before we even knew it…

A couple years ago when we were just starting our first daughter’s adoption process, before we even knew who she was, I had a dream about someone with only one arm. After that dream I believed that our daughter would have a limb difference…so much so that I made sure that our social worker specifically added arm/limb difference to the “special needs” that we were open to in our home study. When we were matched with our first daughter June, I just decided that I was wrong and my vision of this person meant nothing. Then when we got a video of June with her caretaker we noticed that her caretaker was missing an arm. I thought that must be it! And on we went with our lives… Until November 12, 2017, Orphan Sunday- a day where families and churches advocate for orphans. A friend made a post advocating for a little girl in India. I took one look at her photo and my heart started pounding…there she was! I just KNEW. At this same time, my husband was between services at church looking at the same photo of this sweet girl and he was struck as well. We just KNEW.

At the same time, in different places, we saw her and KNEW! Nick went to our Pastor, Troy right away, with tears and told him how we just know we are supposed to adopt this child, but we don’t have the money it takes. She’s been waiting YEARS for a family in a really hard orphanage…surviving and WAITING. We needed to get her out NOW…she couldn’t wait until we had $40,000 saved! He told Pastor Troy about her and that she was born with 1 arm. Immediately when Nick told Pastor Troy that she is missing an arm, he said “I’ll pay for it. I’ll get you the money. Don’t worry.” What?!!! Nick called me sobbing and told me that we didn’t have to worry about the money. We both just sobbed! He told me that Pastor Troy knew immediately that they were called to help when he heard she has 1 arm.

SculptureHe told Nick that they have this statue of Jesus with a child reaching up, holding His hand. At some point, the statue was broken and the little girl’s arm broke off. He said that he and his wife decided that this meant they would one day help a little girl with a missing arm. That little girl was meant to be our daughter! Our pastor made the need for adoption funding known and within a weeks period, our church body donated the amount needed to begin this adoption process, a miracle was taking place.

To whom much is given, much is required – Luke 12:4

So many moments, all lined up perfectly, to meet in this perfect moment! ONLY GOD. God led us to this city, this church, THIS MOMENT, to lead us to our daughter! Each decision, each turn…even the ones that felt like a wrong turn…they never were. God blessed the broken road that led us straight to YOU. Today, we are nearing the end of the adoption process, and praying every day for the moment she is finally in our arms forever.

Our faith can move mountains- Matthew 17:20

On her way

Hope does not disappoint- Romans 5:5

These verses have carried us through the hardest parts of this entire process.

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